About Us

Who we Are ?

BOU Foundation was conceived with a dream to provide a little helping hand and an assurance to all-elderly people that they can get assistance when needed and somebody to share their feelings.
No one wants to be forgotten, but the senior citizens sense a feeling of fear as many of them struggle with their memory with growing age. They need adequate amount of encouragement to keep up the spark within them. BOU Foundation, a charitable non-governmental organisation (NGO), believes in supporting elderly people to live their golden years without feeling lonely and aims to assure them that they are still important.
Parents spend uncountable sleepless nights to comfort their kids at any point of the day, feed when kids feel hungry, sometimes without you telling them in words, give company to their child during examinations, and showed a ray of hope through ups and downs. Now, it’s their time to receive all the love, care, attention and affection.
We are here to take care of all such needs of the senior citizens living in Bhubaneswar.

How Does Bou Foundation Work ?

24X7 Helpline number and website/published email for senior citizens to reach out to BOU Foundation.
The nature of the request is captured by the BOU Foundation administration team.
A suitable volunteer is identified (volunteers pre-register with BOU Foundation) and need to submit standard documentation to validate that they are legally permitted to work with vulnerable adults.
BOU Foundation team introduces the volunteer to the person requesting the service. Following which the concerned volunteer visits and fulfils the requirement.